The little dolphin Duffy

 The little dolphin Duffy

The little dolphin Duffy, accompanied by his parents, was roaming the ocean, enjoying the blue of the sea, the sky and the bright sunshine that reflected on the water.

Happiness was overwhelmed by the family of dolphins as they swim and dive and return to jump in the air and crash into the water in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.
Suddenly the air decreased, the sky became overcast with clouds, the waves of the sea rose and disturbed each other, and the storm began with strong winds and heavy rain that raged the sea and made vision difficult. The voices of dolphins rose in this dangerous atmosphere until they approached each other and gathered and dived far away, but Duffy lost the place of his parents and no trace of them was found. Duffy took a path he did not know in the midst the darkness and turbulence of the waves, and he resisted all this with his exhausting strength until he reached the shore alone.

Finding himself near a boat cruising near the shore, Duffy followed the boat and there Lisa's family caught sight of him and told her father that she had seen a young dolphin.
Duffy approached the boat and kept following it until it landed on
the shore, and there Lisa's family was waiting for him, who welcomed him and offered him some small fish.
Duffy felt safe and stayed close to the boards the family passed on in the way home, and kept swimming in that pool across from Lisa's house.

Lisa liked the dolphin Duffy and got attached to him and became
accompanying him from the basin that he does not leave, him food and playing with him, and Duffy was showing skills in swimming, jumping and diving. But Duffy kept thinking of his parents, who had lost her at sea, and looked away, hoping to see them coming to him. Meanwhile, Duffy's parents kept searching for him, traveling long distances in every direction, and that lasted for a long time without any result. And one day they took the direction of the beach, which seemed to them

from the middle of the sea, and as they approached it, they heard the sounds of Duffy playing with Lisa. Very quickly, they headed towards that voice until they reached it and recognized it without any difficulty. Duffy saw them and went towards them and showed his happiness to

meet them again, then he turned towards the beach where Lisa was and made sounds as if he thanked her and was proud of her friendship.

The dolphin family made jumping moves in front of Lisa to express their gratitude and thanks.
Then she set out in the middle of the sea, returning to her home.

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